Emily’s story

Emily’s story

The first true love I received from people came from the Alpha family

Nairobi, Kenya

Twenty-four year old, mother of three, Emily Tata was born and raised in the Streets of Nairobi, Kenya. Abandoned by her father, Emily and her mother were forced to fend for themselves, depending, quite literally, on the generosity of others to survive daily life.

There are people who don’t have anything in the street. Clothes, food and everything, I’ve been getting from the street.

At the age 14, Emily was raped and became pregnant with her first son. Committed to this boy and her two children to follow, Emily’s daily fight for survival on the streets is what would eventually lead her to Alpha. What began as a draw to free food would eventually lead to a relationship with the living God through her openness to stay and listen to the Alpha talks.

Since Emily’s personal experience with Alpha in 2010 she has run Alpha in 4 secondary schools, 2 primary schools, and in a number of small groups back in the community she grew up in. 


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