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What is the Alpha Youth Series with African Interviews?

The Alpha Youth Series is a brand new interactive series exploring life, faith and meaning. Each episode looks at a different question around faith and is designed to create conversation. It’s for young people with no Christian or church background.
After the success of the first Alpha Youth Film Series in 2013, the new Alpha Youth Series has been updated, rewritten and redesigned for a global audience.

What is special about the new Alpha Youth Series  is that the street interviews have been filmed in Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa. Now youth on the continent can relate to young people like themselves from backgrounds similar to theirs, answering some of life’s big questions.

Watch the brand new first episode here, and register your course on Alpha Builder to access the new episodes released weekly:


How does it work?

Alpha Youth is designed to be run for anyone between the ages of 13–18 and can be run anywhere. Whether it’s in a church youth group or in a school classroom, Alpha generally has three key things in common:


Food has a way of bringing people together and building community. So even if it’s a light snack, sweets or a full meal, Alpha starts with food.


Between 20–25 minutes long, each Alpha Youth Series episode unpacks the basics of the Christian faith, addressing questions such as, ‘Who is Jesus?’, ‘How can we have faith?’ and ‘Why and how should I pray?


Throughout each episode, there are three discussion breaks. These breaks give a chance to share thoughts and ideas on the topic and discuss them in small groups.

So what's new?

The episodes will feature stories from people all around the globe, from a wide variety of different contexts and backgrounds. Visuals, references and stories will all be updated to connect with and inspire a new generation.

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What can I expect?

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The Presenters: Ben and Jason from the first series, but also with other new young hosts

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Testimonies: Personal testimonies related to the theme of every episode

2. The episodes_Alpha Youth_Icon[4].png

The Episodes: 13 episodes, each around 20-25 minutes long

6. Dynamic Visuals_Alpha Youth_Icon[6].png

Dynamic Visuals: Animations and motion graphics will bring the series to life

3.The format_Alpha Youth_Icon[5].png

The Format: Each episode includes discussion breaks for conversation

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New Look: A brand new look for a new generation

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Training videos: A set of videos to help prepare you and your team to run the best Alpha

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Guides and supporting materials: Everything you need to help plan, manage and promote you Alpha

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