The vision for Alpha is the (re)evangelisation of the nations, the revitalisation of the church and the transformation of society.

Each member of staff plays a key role in contributing to our vision. Our mission is bigger than any individual task but together our work contributes to the bigger picture. As a Christian organisation, our faith is an integral part of our working culture. 

"To serve and equip the local church in its mission to help people discover and develop a relationship with Jesus (through Alpha)."

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Communications Manager

Role Purpose

The Communications Manager, Africa is responsible for crafting and delivering the communications strategy across all of Africa. This means strategically shaping the Alpha voice in Africa to engage with churches and potential guests, as well as developing how and when Africa alerts the region, mainly through National Alpha Offices (NAOs), to new products, campaigns, and other vital information from Alpha International.

This person will proactively support and advise NAOs, key contacts and Alpha Africa team and must ensure NAOs have everything they need to communicate about Alpha in an effective manner that engages our target audiences, both digitally and through other means of communication. 


Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Role Purpose

The purpose of this role is to implement the rollout of Alpha Africa’s communication strategy across Sub-Sahara Africa. 

The Marketing and Communications Co-ordinator will proactively support the National Alpha Offices (NAOs), key contacts and the Alpha Africa Team – ensuring they have everything they need to communicate about Alpha in a coherent and effective manner that engages the target audiences.

This person will support the NAOs in Africa with their implementation of new products, campaigns, and other vital products from Alpha International, both digitally and through other means of communication. 

Additionally, the Marketing and Communications Co-ordinator for Africa must have the ability to think creatively and conceptionally while balancing administrative requirements. 


Head of Operations

Role Purpose

The Head of Operations for Africa will ensure the smooth running of all the operational activity within the Alpha Africa team to allow more Alphas to start, giving more people an opportunity to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ on a course and in a context they can hear and understand. 



Governance Coordinator

Role Purpose

As Alpha transitions from an International to a global organisation, strong governance will play a critical role in this change. Application of strong but balanced governance policies and procedures that meet standards build capacity and release growth and allow Alpha to discharge its mission.

The Head of Regional Governance has the responsibility to oversee all governance activities in the Region with Governance Accountability sitting with each Regional Executive Director.