The vision for Alpha is the (re)evangelisation of the nations, the revitalisation of the church and the transformation of society.

Each member of staff plays a key role in contributing to our vision. Our mission is bigger than any individual task but together our work contributes to the bigger picture. As a Christian organisation, our faith is an integral part of our working culture. 

"To serve and equip the local church in its mission to help people discover and develop a relationship with Jesus (through Alpha)."

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Digital Development Manager

Role Purpose

Alpha’s Digital Development Manager will be a tactical master of technology refinement that effectively helps the church access Alpha.

This role will drive our various technology initiatives forward with a keen oversight to our joint projects with Alpha International. Using a variety of tools and innovation you serve the staff and the Church in South Africa and Africa at large, as they make Jesus known through Alpha. 


Media & Communications Intern

Role Purpose

Work alongside / support Africa Media and Communications Coordinator with online (website and social media) strategy and invitations campaign rollout



Design Intern

Role Purpose


Working alongside Media and Communications Coordinator, providing creative / design support. Assisting with design and customisation on related aspects of invitation campaign rollouts and content creation.